Design & Technical Specifications

Nautilus Overview

Whole Sub Render
Mechanical Overview
Chassis Render

Electronics Enclosure and Connector Box

It was important to us to be able to work on the electronics enclosure separately from the chassis. Because of this, we utilize a center connector box where all of our thrusters and sensors route to. We use Blue Trail Engineering connectors for their cost and size to be able to remove the entire assembly without it being connected to anything on the chassis. The connector box also doubles as a heat-sink, given that it is constantly touching the water and being cooled. The dual enclosure design also allows us to keep everything symmetrical, and the buoyancy neutral.

Thruster Mount Render

Fully Modular Chassis

Our custom-designed modular chassis allows for a variety of operations such as quick-swapping sensors, or repairing broken components quickly and efficiently. Not only is the chassis fully customizable, it is made out of four aluminum tubes which allows the entire chassis to be light and cheap. Hardware can be installed using shaft collars, allowing almost anything to be mounted. 

Enclosure Render

Thruster Mount Assembly

Our custom thruster mount assembly is used for a variety of things on Nautilus. Nautilus has four vertical thrusters and four horizontal thrusters, angled 45 degrees. This allows us to have six degrees of freedom and complete stability and control over Nautilus. The thruster mounts ensure that the motors are rigid and their position is precise to ensure stability and control. The mounts also act as a device to keep the chassis rigid, as well as a hoisting point. There are plans to perform structural analysis on the mounts in order to remove excess material and save on weight.

Software Systems

Jetson TX2

Primarily used for vision and communication. SSH allows us to code last minute. Tensorflow2 



Drives the sub

Electrical Systems

Cuttlefish Overview

BlueROV2 Render

Cuttlefish, our partner for Nautilus, is mainly intended as a testing/training platform. Cuttlefish is a BlueRobotics BlueROV 2 retrofitted with their Heavy Configuration add-on, as well as a Ping360 Sonar (not pictured). Because everything on Cuttlefish is already pre-configured, it allows the team to test hardware and software easily and efficiently. Some future goals for Cuttlefish is to utilize it as a competing sub to partner Nautilus. There are plans to incorporate data communication between the two so that Cuttlefish can take advantage of the sensors on Nautilus.